This Illustrator Turns the World Around Him into Real-Life Cartoons

"And that is my view about God"



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if you’re a grammar nerd like me, you can pretty much guarantee we’ll get along just fine.

“The things I find most beautiful about a person are almost never physical.”
    ~ (via king-18)

Every Character I LoveAmy Pond (Doctor Who)

“Have you ever run away from something because you were scared or, or not ready, or just, just because you could?”

“Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.”
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so ok mary lambert


  • is overweight. not “a little heavy” or “curvy in all the right places”, she is overweight and she owns it.
  • is gay, and from her first public exposure has been open about this
  • has bipolar disorder
  • is one of the coolest lyricists right now
  • has this song which is way more feel good than “all about the bass” or “shake it off” 
  • is super cute
  • image
  • mary lambert



What does the fox say?


in tears

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